Ryan Shaw

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Ryan Shaw

Trainee Digital Accountant

Meet Ryan - Gym Enthusiast and Music Maverick

Ryan is our go-to guy for all things numbers, but when he’s not crunching digits, you’ll find him pumping iron at the gym. He’s a fitness fanatic who believes in maintaining a healthy body alongside a sharp mind!

Ryan has a deep love for house music that’s as strong as his passion for accounting. As a festival enthusiast, Ryan is always on the hunt for the next big party! From the vibrant UK scene to festivals around Europe, Ryan knows how to turn up the volume and have a blast.

Ryan’s not just about fun and music; he’s got big career ambitions too. He’s determined to grow into a more confident and skilled accountant, and he’s working hard to reduce his need for support. With his dedication and commitment, there’s no doubt he’ll reach his professional goals in no time!

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