Outsourced Financial Director

Today’s finance directors play a strategic role, requiring a broad skill set that provides critical insights and advice on everything from mergers and acquisitions to financial planning and risk management. Transition to a cost-efficient, flexible outsourced FD with DIGI.

What is an Outsourced FD?

Today’s FD’s need to be well-versed in both financial and non-financial aspects of a business. Hiring an in-house FD has its negatives such as the expense of hiring and maintaining, their frequent resistance to change and their lack of understanding of the latest financial technologies. 

An outsourced FD brings vital support to businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing this vital role can free up time and money whilst you benefit from expert advice, investment decisions, and future planning.

Value of Outsourced FD

Flexible support means you pay for what you need. Our experts offer specialised knowledge, improving cash flow, compliance, and decision-making.

DIGI’s Benefits

Partner with DIGI for top-tier services. Our experienced accountants ensure smooth transitions to Xero, cost savings, and efficient finance functions.

Finance Function Simplified

Outsourcing your finance function reduces costs and ensures professional oversight. Focus on your core business while we manage your finances.

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