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(Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme)


DIGI can help you creative an Enterprise Management Incentive scheme. An EMI scheme, is a government backed, tax advantageous share options scheme. It is mainly used by small to mid-sized UK businesses looking to share their successes with their team as their company grows.

An EMI scheme allows you to reward, retain and motivate your employees with share options with massive tax advantages, it also allows the company to offset both the cost of the EMI scheme and the tax benefits achieved by your employees against your company’s tax liability. If you’re sharing ownership with your employees, an EMI share scheme makes a lot of sense because of its tax efficiency.

EMI Scheme

EMI scheme options are relatively flexible, in terms of both the conditions and the time frames that can be set as part of their terms. You have the ability to set conditions for recipients, including performance or length of service milestones.

The earlier you introduce the EMI Scheme into your business, the better for all parties.

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